NamedSport Star Whey Perfect Isolate Protein 100% 750g Tub

NamedSport Star Whey Perfect Isolate Protein 100% 750g Tub

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Star Whey PERFECT ISOLATE 100% is the result of NAMEDSPORT research. CARBERY Isolac 90 high quality pure isolated whey, achieved by cross-flow microfiltration CFMTM, guaranteeing maximum purity.

This special extraction process achieves an extraordinary protein quality with the highest biological value (119 BV) and the most complete amino acid profile. Star Whey PERFECT ISOLATE 100% features the exclusive patented NAMED 4 PROTEIN MATRIX®, based on protease, fenugreek extract and bovine colostrum which increases bioavailability, enhances digestibility and improves whey absorption. Proteins are a fundamental nutrient in an athlete's diet as they help maintain muscle mass and assist with muscle recovery.

 22.5g of 100% pure whey Isolate protein per serving

  •  Featuring the exclusive NAMED 4 PROTEIN MATRIX®
  •  Highest biological value of protein (119 BV)
  •  Full amino acid spectrum
  •  Promotes muscle mass and recovery post training
  •  Easily digested with digestive enzymes
  •  Low fat, only 2g of carbs per serving
  •  Low lactose
  •  750g = 30 servings

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Colour Cookies & Cream
Sizes 750G,
Brand NamedSport
Model Year 2019
Barcode 8054956340323