It will have come as no surprise to Bay Cycles’ regular customers when we opened our new store in St Marychurch precinct in October, it reflected an even closer relationship with Trek. At Bay Cycles we are proud to be a Trek Partner Store and have, since our first day, stocked Trek and its parts and accessory brand, Bontrager, products. There are however, a myriad of bike brands and cycle accessories out there, so why do Bay Cycles choose Trek?

Undoubtedly, Trek build great bikes and are considered to be one of the most innovative bike manufacturers in the world. This no more evident than in their latest Trek Madone SLR with its drag reducing aerodynamics and custom ICON paint schemes.

Is it just about their great bikes and products?

Having great bikes to offer customers is without doubt a necessity. Whether it’s a Trek Wahoo for your child’s first bike, the latest Bosch powered eBike, or your dream Trek Project One custom Road or Mountain bike, Trek certainly have a bike for everyone.

Similarly, at Bay Cycles’ New store, our Bontrager offering also has a product for everyone. Having widened considerably, customers can now browse products; such as, the new Bontrager 1030 computer powered by Garmin or, the brand new Bontrager Flare R and Ion 200 daytime running lights, with their 2Km visibility to keep you safe.

Or is it something deeper than that?

At Bay Cycles, our ethos has always been to care about what matters to customers. Whether it’s just a cup of tea when you stop off after being caught out in the rain. Or, your next bike, piece of kit or service. What’s important to you is important to us and in this we share the same ethos as Trek. Trek want their customers to have the Best bikes and the Best shops to experience.

More than just a company strap line though, in our experience as a Trek retailer, the people behind the scenes at Trek have always gone above and beyond wherever possible to help us help our customers. Like us, the people at Trek care about what’s important to you. We both want to ensure you get the right product, set up the right way so it is right for you. Most importantly, we both want our customers to have the peace of mind we are here for you when you need us.

So yes, you could say the reason behind why Bay Cycles chooses Trek does run deeper. Along with their great products, unrivalled frame warranties, Bontrager unconditional 30 day guarantee and free carbon wheel replacement programme, our relationship with Trek is more than just any one thing. We are a team, a family, and when a customer buys a Trek bike or Bontrager product from Bay Cycles, they too become a part of what we like to think of as the Bay Cycles and Trek family.