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Winter Solutions: Mudguards

Winter Solutions: Mudguards

​ So you have spent your hard earned cash on your nice 'sparkly' bike and quite rightly want to keep it so. However, with the weather the way it is you are very reluctant to venture out on those mucky roads.

One of the easiest ways to keep the worst of your bike is to do it the "old School' way and opt for fitting mudguards. The first thing to do when thinking about fitting mudguards is to check your bike to see if it has mudguard eyes. Don't despair if it doesn't as there are other options available to you. If you have bought a Trek check whether it has clever little 'hidden' mudguard mounts – these will be located near the dropouts on the frame and the adaptors will have usually been supplied along with the bike's handbook. Bontrager provide great solutions in their NCS Mudguard which being a full length mudguard will to keep most of the muck at bay. 

If you are unsure though, Bay Cycles can always take a look and let you know which options are available to you. If your frame doesn't have eyelets but does have enough clearance, there is the Crud Catcher 2– a simple set up with the mudguard 'floating' above the tyre. Be careful though if you are running slightly wider tyres, say 25mm as these can cause you some issues with rubbing. Another solution is the SKS Raceblade, which uses rubber 'bands' to secure the mudguard to the frame. This system is so simple they can be removed for post ride cleaning very easily or on that nice sunny winter's day when they are not needed. They provide a suitable amount of cover for you and the rider behind but if you object to having your calves sprayed from the uncovered part of the rear mudguard then you may want to consider the Raceblade XL. Both sets will accommodate the wider tyres you are more likely to run in the Winter. 

All of these options will keep the worst of the winter muck from your pride and joy and are all available from Bay Cycles. If you are unsure though, Bay Cycles can always take a look and let you know which options are available to you. More Info:

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