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Product testing the Nobel Prize winning technology of the new Vittoria Graphene tyres

Earlier this year my every day bike was in Bay Cycles receiving some TLC from Jez (with a little bit of help from me!). Whilst I was aware of some of the issues it had, for example the chain and cassette, after closer inspection Jez suggested that my Continental GP4000's were starting to show signs of wear (cracking). They had certainly stood the test of time but, better to be safe than sorry. We therefore decided to swap them for the new range of Vittoria all-round rubino pros now available in store at Bay Cycles.

This Nobel prize winning compound is the hardest, lightest material ever found and at only one atom thick is also the thinnest

Vittoria are a long established tyre manufacturer with their headquarters in the heart of the cycling world, Italy. Providing neutral service supports to many Italian races, including the Giro D'Italia, they are also one of the most innovative being one of the first to start using graphene in their tyres. This Nobel prize winning compound is the hardest, lightest material ever found and at only one atom thick is also the thinnest. As such when used in tyres, graphene is said to offer better speed, grip, durability and wear resistance. However, the proof of such claims is as always in the riding.

As I have mentioned in a previous review: I am a little bit wary when it comes to using new tyres – they are your ultimate contact point with the road, after all. I had no need to worry with these tyres. Sold as an 'All Condition Tyre' and I have tested them in rain and shine and can say they have come up well giving you all the grip you need in a corner wet or dry. This comes from the 'intelligent' system Vittoria use with the main tread having a harder compound whilst the edges, i.e. those you use when cornering are a slightly softer and grippier compound.The tyres offer a great puncture protection system too which has kept me puncture free since fitting them and is thus certainly doing its job well.

I have used these tyres for a number of months now during my daily commute, weekend spins and recently on an all night 100 mile long ride with my club. The latter of these required the bike to carry a little bit more weight than normal and venture along some rather interesting Sustrans routes including, old railways and one through the middle of a field. However, despite me running them at 100psi the tyres really stood up well to the punishment they were subjected to.

I would still have expected to have seen slight cuts in the tread as this has been my experience with other branded tyres. However these Vittoria's show no such signs or other damage and thus I would rather suspect the graphene is making a big difference. Consequently, I would have no doubts in recommending these tyres to anyone. Furthermore would admit that this one time  big fan of Continental is now very much an even bigger fan of Vittoria!

Vittoria all-round rubino pro tyres!

Now in stock!

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