Louise Swann

Head Coach Battembirds Rounders Team

Victory for Battembirds!

After a first game first win for Bay Cycles sponsored Rounders team The Battembirds, Head coach Louise Swann gives her account on how the team got to this point and their hopes for the season ahead.

27th May 2015

Well I'm still buzzing from winning our first match of the season with a respectful score of 91⁄2 - 3! It's taken some considerable time and effort organising it all but it's been worth every minute, especially when I saw everyone's smiling faces when we won. I've been a captain of a rounders team for eight years now and every year brings the same issues with trying to get enough ladies together who are really committed to playing for little over eight weeks during the summer months. Also it really helps to find a sponsor who is willing to help out with the costs of registering the team and of course looking the part!

March 2015

The Torbay Ladies Rounders League announces that they will be registering teams for the 2015 season on 12 th April. With only four of us left from last year's team who were keen to play we knew we would have to use the power of Facebook to drum up some more players. We had a fairly good response to our pleas so a friendly game was arranged to give everyone theopportunity to meet, play and find out more. As a result of this we had 15 eager ladies with mixed strengths and many who had not played since school; we were so excited to have our team for 2015! Our next task was to decide on a name so suggestions were made and votes were cast....

April 2015

Battembirds was born! We had a name and a cool logo so now we needed a bit of help paying the registration fee. Thankfully Dave from The Devonport Arms in Paignton put a few notes towards this as we tend to pop in there for refreshments after matches, the rest we paid between ourselves.
Deciding on whom to approach to be our t-shirt sponsor was not difficult. Having first met Lisa and Jez on one of their Breeze shop rides it soon became obvious what a friendly and open-minded couple they were. Because of their expert knowledge and the trust I had in them I am now cycling around our glorious Bay and surrounding countryside on a road bike, which makes me feel like I've won a rounder's match every time I ride it! Thankfully they happily agreed to sponsor our team!

May 2015

Practise, practise, practise! With our first game fast approaching we needed to get everyone up to speed with the countless rules. We also wanted to bond so having the t-shirts before the season started really helped with this, both with making decisions on colour and style and also wearing them made us look the part and feel like a team. So here we are today a fantastic collaboration!Here's to balmy summers evenings spent playing rounders and hopefully winning many more games!

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