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​Road bike Confidence Boosters

​Road bike Confidence Boosters

With many of our female customers having moved to Road bikes this season, one product that we have seen give a massive boost to rider confidence has been Cross top brake levers. These predominantly retro fitted brake levers are positioned on the straight section of a dropped handlebar as shown below. 

For those new to road cycling, the different style of brake levers and greater reliance on core strength needed to hold a relaxed position on the bike can lead to riders feeling slightly heavier on their hands, especially when braking. With cross top brake levers fitted however, riders are able to brake whilst being in a more upright and relaxed riding position. Consequently, pressure on the hands is reduced. Leaving many of our female road cyclists who have opted for these, reporting increased confidence. All of which we thought was worth shouting about.

With a retail price of £29.99 and taking a professional cycle mechanic about 30 minutes to fit, Cross top brake levers are a great way to increase confidence.

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